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The Fun Stuff!

In addition to the serious research and ethics portions of the REU program, the faculty and students get together for a variety of fun activities. These have included

* A visit to San Francisco's Exploratorium Science Museum (
* A visit to the Hershey Chocolate analytical laboratory in Oakville
* A visit to the California Academy of Sciences (
* Faculty/student and chemistry/biology volleyball games,
* "Falafel Friday" lunches, when we go to a different restaurant each week to sample food from different ethnic backgrounds
* A nature hike at Castle Rock State Park
* An Oakland A's baseball game
* Miniature golf
* A San Jose Giants minor league baseball game

* And more!

The student researchers form a tight-knit group, and often organize activities themselves, including outings to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ( and trips to dance clubs.

The San Francisco Bay Area provides a huge variety of recreational activities, from museums and night life ( to state parks ( in the hills, to beaches (Santa Cruz is only about 40 minutes away).


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