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Classics welcomes three new faculty members in 2010-11

Thursday, Jun. 24, 2010

Classics House is home to three new faculty this year. Daniel Turkeltaub (Ph.D. Cornell University) joins the department as an Assistant Professor of Classics. Daniel is a Hellenist with publications on Homer and the Homeric Hymns. He will be teaching upper-division Latin (Apuleius), upper-division Greek (Euripides), a third-writing core-course, and both sections of a Heroes and Heroism C&I sequence.

Jason Schlude (Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley), a Lecturer in Classics, is an ancient historian specializing in the relationship between Rome and Parthia. He will be teaching both lower- and upper-division courses this year on Western Culture, the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire, and the second half of the Heroes and Heroism C&I sequence.

Peter Lech (Ph.D Brown University) is a Lecturer in Classics brought in this year to strengthen the department’s Latin program. A specialist in Roman Comedy, Peter will be teaching Intermediate and Advanced (Plautus and Terence) Latin, Classical Mythology, and the first half of the Heroes and Heroism C&I sequence.

These three new faculty are part of some big changes in the department for the 2010-11 year. We had prepared for Professors LaBarge and McCarthy to be on sabbatical leave this academic year. And Professor Greenwalt continues to teach a limited load in Classics while serving as Director of Honors, Fellowships, and the LEAD Scholars Program. But who knew that Professor Moritz would be summoned by gods (administration) just one week before classes began to serve as interim chair of the English Department this year? Classics House now echoes with the familiar shuffling of two senior faculty (Dunlap and Heath) along with the lively steps of the three new members of the program.

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