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Monday, Jul. 29, 2013


Things are changing fast in Classics at SCU—that alone is news.
John Dunlap has announced that he will be retiring at the end of this academic year. Professor Dunlap came to SCU in 1977 and has been part of the Classics program since 1979. He will leave a tiny office and a big hole in the department. Helen Moritz is in the second year of phased retirement. She taught the Elementary Greek sequence for her final time last year, and this year she will teach courses in upper-division Greek (winter) and Latin (fall).
Bill Greenwalt takes over as Chair of Classics—we wish him luck and offer condolences. He is teaching a new course on Numismatics in the fall quarter. Having had the chairmanship wrestled away by the ambitious Greenwalt, John Heath is completely delighted to return to full-time teaching (including the Elementary Latin sequence).
Scott LaBarge continues his dual lives as philosopher and classicist, teaching a core freshman course in fall and his Love and Relationships in Classical Antiquity in the spring for us. Having too many talents for his own good, Mick McCarthy remains Executive Director of the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education and will not be teaching Classics courses this year.
Dan Turkeltaub successfully passed his mid-probationary review and will be taking a research leave this fall. He returns in winter and spring to offer (among other things) our new 2-unit courses on etymology and Clashes of the Titans.  
The department is fortunate to have both of our lecturers returning this year. Carolynn Roncaglia will be teaching the upper-division history sequence as well as sections of the freshman core and upper-division Latin. Rachel Knudsen’s duties have expanded to include Intermediate Latin and Horace as well as Classical Mythology and the freshman core course.

The department would probably collapse (and the chair certainly would) without the good will and extreme competence of Judy Gillette. We are extremely pleased that our new Classics House (which has shaped up quite nicely) has its own administrative office in which Judy can set up shop.


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