Santa Clara University

Department of Classics

Latin Courses

CLAS 1       Elementary Latin I
Introduction to vocabulary, forms, and grammar of classical Latin. Development of the reading skills with supporting exercises in writing. No language laboratory. (4 units)

CLAS 2       Elementary Latin II
Continuation of Latin I. (4 units)

CLAS 3       Elementary Latin III
Completion of elementary Latin. (4 units)

CLAS 101     Intermediate Latin
A course for students who have finished basic Latin grammar. Students will review Latin forms and syntax while reading prose and poetry of increasing complexity. Students will be prepared to enroll in Latin reading courses covering individual authors and genres. Offered in fall quarter only. (5 units)

CLAS 121     Caesar
Representative selections from the Commentarii on the Gallic War and/or Bellum Civile. Consideration of the adaptation of history to political ends. (5 units)

CLAS 122     Catullus
Lyric poems, short epigrams, and longer mythological poems by the late Republican poet of personal love and sophisticated society. (5 units)

CLAS 123     Roman Comedy
One or more plays by Plautus or Terence. Origins and nature of Roman comedy. (5 units)

CLAS 124     Ovid: Metamorphoses
Selections from Ovid’s epic compendium of mythology.. (5 units)

CLAS 125     Cicero: Philosophical Works
Consideration of Cicero’s eclectic philosophy through a careful reading of one or more of his philosophical dialogues. (5 units)

CLAS 126     Cicero: Oratory and Rhetoric
One or more exemplars of Cicero’s rhetorical style or rhetorical theory. Consideration of rhetorical form, figures, and topoi. (5 units)

CLAS 127     Vergil: Aeneid
The epic poem on the effort of founding Rome and the cost of its greatness. Consideration of the traditional and innovative features of Vergil’s epic style and purpose. Attention to epic meter. (5 units)

CLAS 130     Roman Elegy
Representative selections from the works of Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid. Origins and development of the elegiac genre. (5 units)

CLAS 131     Vergil: Eclogues and Georgics
Vergil’s earlier works: pastoral poems set in an idealized landscape and the didactic poem on the agriculture and countryside of his native Italy. (5 units)

CLAS 132     Horace
Selections from the odes and epodes. Attention to the adaptation of Greek lyric forms and rhythms to the Latin language. (5 units)

CLAS 133     Livy
Selections from the Ab Urbe Condita—the history of Rome from its semimythical founding through monarchy, early Republic, and Punic Wars. (5 units)

CLAS 134     Roman Letters
Selections from various authors: Cicero, Seneca, Pliny. Discussion of the epistle as literary genre, with focus on the social and historical background of the author. (5 units)

CLAS 135     Medieval Latin
Major works of prose and poetry from the fourth century to the Renaissance. St. Augustine’s Confessions; the histories of Gregory of Tours, Bede, and Einhard; Latin fables; popular songs such as the Carmina Burana; and the humanistic writings of Dante and Petrarch. (5 units)

CLAS 137     Special Topics in Latin Poetry
Occasional courses in selected authors or genres for advanced students. Possible topics: Lucretius or satire. (5 units)

CLAS 138     Special Topics in Latin Prose
Occasional courses in selected authors or genres for advanced students. Possible topics: the Roman novel, Tacitus or other Roman historians. (5 units)

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