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Combined Sciences program


What can I do with a Combined Sciences Major?

The Combined Sciences major is a flexible program preparing students for an era when versatility will be expected. Because each student is encouraged and aided in customizing a career path, it really is possible to say graduates can do anything with a Combined Sciences major. The program provides especially good preparation for careers requiring scientific knowledge that bridges multiple scientific fields, such as the healing arts.

In the business world, Combined Sciences students sometimes embark on careers in sales, health care administration, and laboratory management. In the non-profit sector, teaching is a logical career path. The Combined Sciences program offers the flexibility of other customized career pathways as well.

However, six career paths have been defined with some clarity. These are:

  1. Healing Professions: Medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing, physician assistant, optometry, pharmacy, chiropractic, and public health.
  2. Technical Sales and Marketing: Pharmaceuticals, medical, and scientific equipment.
  3. Health Care Management: Hospital/nursing home administration, HMO management, and geriatric services.
  4. Science Teaching: Middle school and high school teaching.
  5. Laboratory Management: Pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and consumer products research labs, quality control.
  6. Professional School: Law school, MBA, and other programs.

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Interested in Public Health?

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