Santa Clara University

Digital Filmmaking

The Digital Filmmaking Program at Santa Clara University offers a rigorous program founded on hands-on-technichal training in the tools of filmmaking and academic instruction in the history and theory of film. 
Students who choose an emphasis in Digital Filmmaking have an array of course offerings.  These are some of the courses we recommend:
  • COMM 30 - Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • COMM 131B- Short Fiction Production
  • COMM 132B - Short Documentary Production
  • COMM 133B - Expanded Cinema Production
  • COMM 134B - Master Shot/Studio Production
  • COMM 135B - Editing and Cinematography
  • COMM 136A - Genre, Auteur & Narrative Strategies
  • COMM 137A - American Film History/Theory
  • COMM 139A - Global Documentary
  • COMM 191 - Independent Filmmaking Practicum
  • COMM 196 - Senior Capstone - Digital Filmmaking