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Interpersonal Communication Course Cluster

Teaching-scholars who focus on interpersonal communication are interested in the complex dynamics of how we relate to other people in our lives.  

We study the way people talk and behave toward one another, including the effects of culture, gender, expectations, perceptions, emotions, and attitudes.  We are interested in two-person relationships, as well as how members of teams, families, groups, and organizations communicate.

Students intrigued with issues involving relational communication, in a variety of real world contexts, might consider the following courses. These courses could be of specific interest to students who plan careers dealing with the public or service to others, graduate school, or are interested in understanding more about their own relationships with other people:

  •  001- Intro to Interpersonal Relationships
  • 100A- The Science of Happiness
  • 101A- Vocation and Gender
  • 101B- Interviewing
  • 102A- Persuasion
  • 103A- Communication and Conflict
  • 104A - Group Communication
  • 105B - Multicultural Folktales & Storytelling
  • 106A - Gender, Health & Sexuality
  • 107A - Intercultural Communication
  • 108A - Communication & Gender
  • 109A-  Friendships & Romances
  • 151A - Organizational Communication
  • 176A - Biology of Communication
  • 186B - Global Interpersonal Communication

Studying abroad experiences are valuable. Click here to see samples of students’ websites from Comm 186(B): Global Interpersonal Communication integrating their engagement with another society into their SCU education.

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