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Journalism/Writing Course Cluster

Journalism matters more today than ever before. As rapidly evolving technologies profoundly change the way people get information, journalists pursue stories around the world in new and creative ways. But the fundamentals of journalism — great writing, in-depth reporting, a strong ethical foundation, and the ability to think critically about the profession itself — remain essential to uncovering the truth and informing the public. That's why the journalism program at Santa Clara University offers students in-depth courses in print, broadcast and digital media, as well as a comprehensive liberal arts education. Our goal: graduates who are both highly skilled journalists and thoughtful, responsible individuals.

Santa Clara offers a wide range of courses to help students develop the skills that will translate into jobs with newspapers, magazines, online media, and radio and television stations.

Journalism education at Santa Clara is integrated with the University's Core, a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that all students complete. The Core seeks to create an environment that enables students to achieve intellectual excellence, live as responsible citizens, and create a more just and humane society.

In addition to the journalism-related courses, the Communication curriculum offers students a grounding in various research-oriented courses that can further inform their work: interpersonal theory, media and multicultural studies, and the impact of technology on communication.

Many students combine their journalism coursework with majors or minors in other disciplines such as political science, business or modern languages, adding another layer of expertise to their journalism education.

Students interested in a career in journalism or writing intensive professions should choose from among the following courses:

  • 141B - Advanced Journalism
  • 142B - Online Journalism
  • 143B - Special Topics in Journalism (A project-based advanced journalism course that changes each year and may be retaken for course credit)
  • 144B - Television Journalism
  • 146B - Magazine Journalism
  • 147A -Theory of News
  • 148B - Multicultural Journalism
  • 149B - Political News
  • 164A - Race, Gender, and Public Health
  • 168A - Race, Gender, and Politcs in the News
  • 170A - Communication Law
  • 182A - Global News Issues

These students may want to aim for a journalism capstone in lieu of a thesis.

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