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Student Spotlight November 2012

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012

Hsin-I Cheng is working with students in the Global Interpersonal Communication (COMM 186B) course as they explore ways to reflect, connect, and communicate study abroad experiences. Students produce web-based educational material derived from academic research and personal experiences.

Barbara Kelley’s students are partnering with the Emergency Housing Consortium for an immersion journalism project on homelessness in their Advanced Journalism (COMM 141B) course.

Chuck Byers' Public Relations Theories and Principles (Comm150B) course is teaming with Santa Clara University Solar Decathlon team to provide marketing materials as part of a class project during the Fall quarter 2012.

More than a dozen students from Sally Lehrman’s Introduction to Journalism: Diversity and Community (COMM 40EL) and Science News (COMM 143B) courses published their work in numerous venues, including various hyperlocal sites and SJBeez, a hyperlocal ethnic media news site. Topics included diversity at UC-Santa Cruz, designer dogs, barefoot running, the effect of technology and multitasking on our brains, and resources for teens with depression.

Justin Boren is teaching The Biology of Human Communication (COMM 176A), a new course exploring the way biology influences communication, how our communication and interaction with others can make us healthy, and how to design communication interventions in a variety of contexts.

Charlotta Kratz is excited about teaching a new course — Visual Cultural Communication (COMM 162B). Students will use photography to explore questions about how to represent diverse cultures and identities. The course will be offered for the first time Spring quarter 2013.