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Faculty Feats May 2013

Sunday, May. 5, 2013

Hsin-I Cheng has been promoted to associate professor with tenure. Hsin-I developed course on Intercultural Communication and Global Intercultural Communication, which helps students returning from study abroad reflect on their experiences. She is the author of the award-winning book Culturing interface: Identity, Communication, and Chinese transnationalism

Laura Ellingson was awarded the 2012 Bonnie Ritter Award for Outstanding Book, given by the Feminist & Women's Studies Division of the National Communication Association, for Aunting: Cultural Practices that Sustain Family and Community Life. The book was co-written with Patricia J. Sotirin, who teaches at Michigan Technological University. Laura also published a second book co-authored with Patricia in February 2013 entitled Where the Aunts Are: Family, Feminism, and Kinship in Popular Culture.

Jonathan Fung screened his film Hark and led a human trafficking panel discussion at the Social Justice Ministries Conference at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos. The film also screened at the Freedom Summit Human Trafficking Conference and The Response: A Global Sex Trafficking Summit. Hark was an official selection at the Cinequest Film Festival at the Camera 12 Theaters in San Jose and accepted to the Court Metrage Festival de Cannes.

Paul Soukup published “In Commemoration: Walter Ong and the state of theology” in the December 2012 issue of Theological Studies.

Katharine Heintz led Community Conversation, a roundtable discussion featuring Dr. David Kessler and a dozen community and campus participants on the challenges of healthy eating in a toxic food environment on April 10, 2013.

Chad Raphael and Christine Bachen published “Flow and cooperative learning in civic game play” in the journal New Media and Society. The article, co-authored with Pedro Hernandez-Ramos of Santa Clara’s Department of Education, reports findings that players of educational games can experience deep immersion in games and learning with partners as well as alone. Chad's senior thesis students helped to gather the data for this article.

Barbara Kelley spoke at Stanford University in January 2013 as part of the Help Center and Worklife Office Lunchtime Speaker Series. Barbara also spoke at Groupon headquarters in February 2013 at an event sponsored by Women@Groupon.

Katharine Heintz and Justin Boren coordinated the Bay Area Undergraduate Communication Research Conference held at SCU on April 20, 2013. Forty-nine students and faculty from nine universities gathered to present research, hear a keynote speaker, and do some networking.

Paul Soukup will serve as the faculty director of the university’s study abroad programs, concentrating on the SCU London and SCU El Salvador programs. Paul is also now an advisory member of the Communication Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Lisa Davis wrote on the legal issues surrounding special education for the September 2013 issue of California Lawyer magazine. In the article, Davis explains how California’s budget crisis and an epidemic of autism have worsened the already contentious, emotional, and extremely complicated legal fights surrounding special needs children.

Mike Whalen’s documentary Gringos at the Gate was purchased by ESPN, and his film A Question of Habit was screened at the University of San Diego followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Justin Boren was appointed as an associate editorial board member of the journal Communication Studies.

Chad Raphael published “Good publicity: The legitimacy of public communication of deliberation” in the journal Political Communication. Co-authored with Christopher Karpowitz of Brigham Young University, the study also involved multiple Santa Clara students as research assistants. The article examines how different kinds of citizen forums report their discussion process and policy recommendations to the public and decision-makers. The authors suggest practical ways that these reports can strengthen citizens’ voices in politics. Raphael also received a book contract from Cambridge University Press for his forthcoming co-authored book on citizen deliberation in politics, tentatively entitled A more deliberative union: Rethinking equality and publicity in civic forums.

Lotta Kratz's photo entitled "The Wanderers" was honored in the 2012 Mobile Photo Awards and her work was exhibited at Soho Digital Art in New York in February and March 2013.

Sally Lehrman organized and moderated “Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics,” hosted by the Markkula Center on April 10, 2013. The roundtable featured leadership of news media outlets ranging from the entrepreneurial to the massive, including investigative shops, start-up apps, documentary producers, legacy newspapers and magazines, and news aggregators including Google and Yahoo! This year’s focus was the mission of journalists in the digital public square.

Justin Boren’s paper, titled "Worker Co-rumination mediates the relationships between social support and stress and burnout," was accepted for presentation as a top paper at the International Communication Association gathering in London in June 2013. Justin also had an article he co-authored with Shannon Johnson from James Madison University published in Southern Communication Journal titled "Examining the Relationships Among Peer Resentment Messages Overheard, State Guilt, and Employees' Perceived Ability to Use Work/Family Policies.”

Andrew Ishak, along with Barry Brummett from the University of Texas at Austin, co-hosted a conference on Sports and Identity at the University of Texas in February 2013.  The conference proceedings are being turned into a volume of a book series — co-edited by Andrew and Barry — on new agendas in communication.

Emile McAnany’s chapter "Economics and Communication for Development and Social Change: An 'Economic Turn" to a New Paradigm?" was accepted for publication in The Handbook of Communication for Development and Social Change.