Santa Clara University


Mac Video Lab

The goal is for students to tell compelling stories. We want the technology to help that process, not get in the way.
-Dr. Stephen Lee, Former Department Chair/Associate Dean

Located on the first floor of the Arts and Sciences Building, Room 132, the Mac Video Lab was designed for the use of students in the course Comm 30-Intro to Digital Filmmaking.  Students involved in our Radio Journalism and Television Journalism courses make use of the lab, too.

Each of the eight Apple® Mac G5 computers is equipped with Apple's ILife production suite, Adobe® Photoshop Elements, Avid® Xpress Pro and Apple® Final Cut Pro. Every machine is connected to an Avid® LANShare EX video server.

Communication students enrolled in video production classes have 24-hour access to the editing facilities and can reserve them for four-hour blocks. Other communication students who have demonstrated proficiency with the equipment may make arrangements with faculty to schedule the equipment for projects.