Santa Clara University


Production Control Room

communication studio control roomDigital signals from studio cameras are switched through an Echo Lab® digital switcher. Digital video effects (DVE), character generation and still store capabilities are included in the video control space. Sources are monitored via twin 60" Hi-Def LCD Multi-View monitors, segmented to accommodate all video sources.. The control room is adjacent to the studio, audio control and master control rooms.


Audio Control Room

Audio Control RoomThe audio control room boasts a 24 input Wheatstone® analog mixing console, numerous outboard digital signal processing and recording devices (including DigiCart, Instant Replay, DAT and CD). The control room also features Digidesign® ProTools.

Master Control Room

Master control includes shading stations for the studio cameras and studio recording operations.  Recordings are made to both Hi-Def P2 memory cards and digital videotape. This room also houses the facility's primary Hi-Def routing and patching operations and the video server.

Master Control Room

Facility Infrastructure

In/out signal panels with numerous AV tie lines are located in all production areas, including prop & scenery storage. There are even a dozen AV tie lines located in the lighting grid. The facility also offers connectivity through several outdoor weather panels outside the buildings. All signals (digital and analog) are routed through a 64 input X 32 output Hi-Def router enabling maximum flexibility within the entire facility and campus.