Santa Clara University


Television StudioCommunication Television Studio

Santa Clara University has a complete digital video and analog audio television studio located in Vari Hall. The Communication Department's 2200 sq. ft. wide-screen-format broadcast quality digital video production studio features a curved hard cyclorama, fully loaded lighting grid, three studio configured digital triax cameras with TelePrompTers and a large screen video projection system.

The studio and scenery storage are accessible through large 8' x 12' sound insulated double doors. There are also separate video, audio, master control and portable equipment store rooms. The studio is accessible to all students enrolled in video/television oriented courses.


TV Studio Cameras


  • 3 Ikegami® HL-45 digital 16:9 cameras
  • Wheatstone® broadcast audio board
  • Echo Lab® digital switcher
  • Pinnacle® digital video effects, graphics, and still store
  • 15' lighting grid with a wide variety of Strand lighting instruments, accessible by motorized lift and tied to a 96-input Strand light board
  • Various digital/audio devices
  • A quiet, on-demand air exhaust that allows a complete air exchange in the studio in 15 minutes
  • An estimated 30 miles of cable runs throughout the facility, just part of an exceptionally flexible technical "backbone"

The Santa Clara University television studio can compete with the best university television studio facilities in the nation.

The studio is used for a variety of video production courses. The studio is also available for rental to outside production companies.  If you have questions about facilities rental please contact Craig Gower at 408-554-4920.