Santa Clara University

Dr. Christine M. Bachen
Associate Professor
Chris Bachen offers a variety of courses in media studies, quantitative research methods, and media and youth. Her current research focuses on computer game- and web-based learning and youth civic engagement. Read the full profile »
Buford Barr
Buford Barr is recognized for his knowledge and experience in communicating with and within corporate America. Read the full profile »
Dr. Justin P. Boren
Assistant Professor
Justin Boren teaches courses in organizational and interpersonal communication along with quantitative research methods. Read the full profile »
Charles F. Byers
Chuck Byers teaches public relations courses and serves as faculty advisor for the Santa Clara University Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. He is also a Professor of Practice in the Leavey School of Business teaching integrated marketing communications and brand management courses. Read the full profile »
Dr. Hsin-I Cheng
Associate Professor
Hsin-I Cheng teaches intercultural and interpersonal communication courses with topics on relationships building in both U.S. and global contexts. Her research interests cross boundaries of communication, immigration, and globalization from critical and qualitative perspectives. Read the full profile »
Dr. Rohit Chopra
Associate Professor
Rohit Chopra teaches courses on global media and international communication, new media technologies, and postcolonial media. His current research projects focus on the relationship between memory, violence, and digital media. Read the full profile »
Lisa Davis
Adjunct Lecturer
Lisa Davis teaches a variety of journalism courses and communication law. She has more than 20 years experience as a professional journalist and is the author of The Sins of Brother Curtis: A Story of Betrayal, Conviction and the Mormon Church. Read the full profile »
Dr. Laura L. Ellingson
Professor/Director of Women's & Gender Studies
Laura Ellingson teaches classes in gender & communication, health communication, and feminist research methods. She conducts research on communication and collaboration among health care providers in hospitals and clinics and on communication in extended and chosen families. Read the full profile »
Dr. Amy Tully Eriksson
Adjunct Lecturer
Amy Tully Eriksson teaches a variety of communication courses, including public speaking and interpersonal communication. Read the full profile »
Dr. Jonathan Fung
Adjunct Lecturer
Jonathan Fung teaches a range of film courses and serves as the faculty advisor for the Montage Film Club. He also produces the Genesis Student Film Festival that showcases the best student films from the Communication Department. Read the full profile »
Craig Gower
Manager of Media Systems/Lab Instructor
Craig Gower is responsible for the video and audio production facility and equipment in the department as well as lab instruction. Read the full profile »
Paul Hammons
Paul Hammons teaches Sports Media Production and works with the Athletic Department with their game-day media operations and as a technical and production consultant for various projects. Read the full profile »
Dr. Katharine E. Heintz
Katharine Heintz teaches courses in media studies/mass communication. She is particularly interested in how the media impact children and families, and the role of the media in social change. Read the full profile »
Dr. Andrew W. Ishak
Andrew Ishak's work is focused on communication of teams and organizations that work in high-pressure situations, such as tactical police units, fire crews, and sports teams. He is the co-editor of a forthcoming book on sports and identity. Read the full profile »
Melan Jaich
Program Director
Melan Jaich directs the forensics program for the university and is also coordinator for the Communication Department student internships. Read the full profile »
Barbara Kelley
Senior Lecturer
Barbara Kelley teaches a variety of journalism courses and serves as director of the journalism emphasis. She is a journalist, regular Huffington Post columnist, keynote speaker and the co-author of "Undecided: How to Ditch the Endless Quest for Perfect and Find the Career and Life That's Right for You." Read the full profile »
Charlotta Kratz
Adjunct Lecturer
Lotta Kratz teaches classes in media studies, diversity, technology, and visual communication (still photography). In 2013, she has shown photography in shows in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Read the full profile »
Dr. Stephen Lee
Associate Professor/Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Stephen Lee's current research examines the production and dissemination of popular music, the film industry and the changing nature of television production. His work has been published in journals such as Popular Music and the Journal of Media Economics. Read the full profile »
Dr. Yahia K. Mahamdi
Associate Professor
Yahia Mahamdi teaches a variety of courses in digital film production and global cinema. He is the the director of the shorts "City of Dreams," "The Rainy Season," and "The last Farm in the City," and the feature-length documentaries "Thank You For Your Patience" and "Cease and Desist." Read the full profile »
Dr. Emile McAnany
Emile McAnany has focused his research on the social and cultural impacts of various communication technologies in Third World countries, especially Latin America. Read the full profile »
Helen Otero
Office Manager/Sr. Administrative Assistant
Helen Otero manages the Communication Department office. Read the full profile »
Dr. Chad Raphael
Chad Raphael teaches courses on communication and technology, law, journalism, and the environment. His scholarship focuses on political communication, including journalism and politics, public deliberation in citizen forums, and the use of web sites and games for civic education and engagement. Read the full profile »
Dr. Christina JooYeon Ri
Adjunct Lecturer
Christina Ri encourages students to broaden their minds by enhancing their awareness of culture, diversity, and individual differences. Read the full profile »
Dr. Sreela Sarkar
Assistant Professor
Sreela Sarkar's areas of research and teaching include global media studies, postcolonial studies, feminist theory and methods, urban studies, and critical policy and legal studies. Read the full profile »
Fern Silva
Instructional Technologist
Fern Silva is an accomplished technology professional with experience in directing an Information Services department; the planning, design and implementation of diverse multi-vendor customer training labs, vendor compatibility load and stress labs; and UNIX development environments, including Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX and Linux. Mr. Silva is also a technical consultant to business owners and individuals. Read the full profile »
Fr. Paul A. Soukup, S.J.
Department Chair/Professor
Paul Soukup, S.J., serves as the head of the Communication Department, teaches courses in technology and communication, and does research on religious communication. He has authored or edited a number of books and works with both the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the American Bible Society on communication issues. Read the full profile »
Dr. SunWolf
SunWolf is a former trial attorney, now a social scientist studying persuasion, social behavior, and storytelling. Her books and research have received numerous national awards, including a university award for a faculty member whose scholarly work over five years represents a major contribution to a field of knowledge. Read the full profile »
Michael Whalen
Knight-Ridder/San Jose Mercury News Endowed Professor and Associate Professor
Michael Whalen is a documentary filmmaker who teaches screenwriting, film/tv production and history courses on Hollywood and the U.S. film/television industry. Prior to returning to Santa Clara to teach, he spent 10 years living in Los Angeles as a working television writer, producer and director. Read the full profile »
Gordon Young
Senior Lecturer/Media Advisor
Gordon Young teaches a variety of journalism courses and serves as faculty advisor for the university's student newspaper, yearbook, and community radio station. He is the author of "Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City." Read the full profile »


Department Chair

Paul A. Soukup, S.J.

(408) 554-4022