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About the internship program

Mission: The Communication Department, in association with a variety of businesses, offers opportunities for students to experience the diverse career paths of the many fields within the Communication umbrella through our Internship Program. The Program offers credit for positions in public relations, corporate communications, broadcasting, video/audio production, newspaper reporting, radio and advertising among other industry related activities. Though not required, all students are encouraged to do at least one formal Internship before graduating.

Curriculum: For information the Communication curriculum and other required courses that prepare the students for participation in the internship program, please follow the appropriate links in the column to the left.

Participation: The Department provides credit to students participating in the Internship Program after fulfilling a number of requirements. Prerequisites for formal credit include a minimum grade point average, sophomore status plus permission of the student's academic advisor and the Department Internship Coordinator. Students must work a minimum number of hours for credit and attend regular class meetings. Typically students work 20 hours a week for the duration of the 10 week quarter.

Employer Requirements: Intern duties should include substantive responsibilities that develop a student's career skills. Some clerical duties are expected but the position should not be just general office work. Host companies must have a designated supervisor able to evaluate the student's performance at the end of the academic quarter using a short, one-page form provided by SCU. Training for specialized or technical tasks should be made available to the Intern. Compensation, though encouraged, is not required and doesn't effect eligibility for course credit and can be in the form of either an hourly wage or a stipend. Students normally contact the employer directly by email, phone or fax unless otherwise requested.

Academic Schedule: Santa Clara University operates on a 10 week quarter system during the regular academic year with the summer session being longer. Most students try to arrange their start and end dates around the quarter calendar but it's not required for credit. Summer hours per week may exceed the average 20 hours since many students are not taking regular course loads. Hours may also vary during the week due to exams, vacation breaks and registration periods.

Contact: Please tell us about the opportunities for interns at your company. You may fill out the on-line form below or contact Melan Jaich directly at 408-554-4793, by fax at 408-554-4913, or by email at


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