Santa Clara University


Student Profiles 

Students in the Online Journalism course prepared portfolios with their resumes, bios, and work samples. For a view of their accomplishments, click on the student's name:

Laura Gonzalez


Choosing Santa Clara was a leap of faith and a huge step in maturing and becoming independent. After graduating, I hope to stay in the Bay Area and work in the journalism or public relations industries.


Melissa Martin

Dec. 2011

The communication major at Santa Clara drew me in primarily because of my love for working with people. I am currently a resident assistant, developing event planning, team-building, and interpersonal skills, and an intern at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. The next step for me would be an internship, hopefully in radio, but I am open to working with all types of media.


Katie Paschal


I have a passion for the PR world and have explored this field through my classes at Santa Clara and through work placement. I worked as a PR intern for Goldenbleu, a accessories designer based in San Francisco, and held a PR and marketing internship with jeweler Gianmaria Buccellati in London.  I gained hands on experience and learned multiple sides of the industry, including blogging and the use of various social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  


Krystle Yee


I have a deep interest for new and innovative technologies within the media world. I enjoyed my experience as an intern at NBC and I would like to further pursue possible ventures in combining media technologies with the corporate world.


Zoe Abrams


I've enjoyed writing and watching the news for as long as I can remember and over time journalism has become my passion. I've gotten experience in journalism at a news station back in my hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii and I've also gotten some experience at a public relations company.


Scott Morton

My love for writing, sports, public speaking, and people in general has led me to the Communications Department at Santa Clara University. I take pride in being dedicated and hard working, knowing that these characteristics will be with me with whatever task I am performing. I hope to be involved with some form of entertainment: television journalism, sports journalism, or talk radio. 


Erin Spiers


I have worked on an advertising campaign with Polaris Real Estate Group, a marketing project for political campaigns with Ground Floor Public Affairs, and an advertising campaign with Brian Spiers Construction. In an internship position at Aylwin Communications, London, I found my true passion: public relations. I am looking for an internship in public relations or advertising where I can put to use my acquired skills as well as educate myself further.


William Gilmore


Will Gilmore hopes to navigate a career path through television or radio broadcast.  As a successful student-athlete from high school through college, he has learned how to best manage his time and how to get the most out of his abilities.  A graduate of Loyola High School in Los Angeles, Will pursued his dream of playing baseball for a prestigious university.  He was accepted into Santa Clara on an academic scholarship and achieved a spot on the Division 1 baseball team. 


Kendall Fleming


Public relations and social networking are my passions and hopefully my future. I work as a Business School Representative at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, and studying abroad in Sydney, NSW, I worked as an intern at the Australian Businesswomen's Network.


Colleen Brennan


I've always loved working with people and writing and telling stories. My ultimate career goal would be to either work in a public relations firm or do public relations work for a company that I admire, but I am open to other fields as well. Some of my passions include music, fashion, and traveling and learning about other cultures. I am also passionate about helping people, which is why I volunteer with on-campus community action programs like the Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) and Arrupe.   


Lauren Orlando


It is fascinating to explore the imaginable dimensions of our surroundings and the internal mechanisms of the mind we use every day. Understanding art and the way we communicate have given me a new perspective of the world around me. Thus I want to study a subject and pursue a career in graphic design and communications.


Tyler Ichikawa


I have experience and interest in journalism, interpersonal communication, and video production through various courses. I also have an interest in PR and marketing. I have been on scholarship to play on the Men's golf team here at SCU and dedicate many hours to that and to my schoolwork.


Aiselle De Vera