Santa Clara University


English Major

Courses Satisfying the English Major requirements beginning in Fall 2014

(N.B.: Those in the "old" major may choose to switch to the new requirements. If you do so, you must take 14, 15, AND 16, even if you have taken 20 and/or 21)

Major Requirements:

Foundation (3 courses)

Historically Grounded (2 courses)
At least 1 from a period before 1800

Literary/Cultural Studies (3 courses all related to a theme selected in consultation with a faculty advisor -- e.g., literary period, genre, postcolonial/multicultural literature, gender and sexuality)
At least 2 must be an upper-division

Writing (3 courses)
(All in creative writing and new media, or all in professional writing)
At least 2 must be upper-division

Gender/Sexuality or Ethnic/Global or Theory (1 course)
Must be upper-division
May double dip to meet another requirement

Senior Seminar
ENGL 190

It is the responsibility of all students to know and fulfill the graduation requirements for their degree as outlined in the University Bulletin. If your records disagree with courses presented as complete on this checklist, it is your responsibility to contact the English Department at 408.554.4142.

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