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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor is designed to encourage in-depth exploration of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe and analogous eras in other parts of the world.

At the same time, the program seeks to challenge students with questions about the links between the medieval and modern worlds, especially the development of the singular intellectual, cultural, and social structures of modernity. The Middle Ages and Renaissance lay at the edge of modernity, when the distinctive characteristics of the contemporary world began to form and when major new connections were made between Europe and Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, and the Americas.

Study of these periods from different perspectives affords opportunities to gain valuable perspectives on their inspiring achievements as well as on their troubling conflicts and to reflect on the ways that Medieval and Renaissance people, events, and institutions have helped to shape the modern world. Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers a particulary rich curriculum with a broad choice of courses. Students are encouraged to tailor the minor to their individual interests and needs.

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