Santa Clara University

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California Legacy Project

By Molly Ganey, California Legacy Intern

The California Legacy Project has thrived throughout the past academic year.  From the student-based practicum to the partnership with Heyday Books, CLP has been productive and constantly strived to broaden its horizons.  The California Legacy Project is not confined to one specific label.  It encompasses a variety of subjects and areas such as technology, literature, and history.  As representative of this, the California Legacy Project was present at several scholarly panels this fall, one of them in recognition of CLP’s presence in the virtual world of “Second Life.”  This is also evident on the CLP website which is constantly changing and updating followers on the latest California Legacy news.  In addition, there are interactive links and components which bring the written world of California history to life. These can be seen at  CLP has even made its presence known in the ever-popular social networking realm.  Twitter posts have been one experimental means of gathering and connecting more CLP followers.

In conjunction with advances in the technological world, the California Legacy Project has continued its research and devotion to California literature and history.  In practicum, students worked on creating radio scripts of excerpts from written works about California.  Ranging from detailed descriptions of native California plants, to comical anecdotes about the rugged lifestyle of a California miner, these radio scripts provide listeners with entertaining and informative information about California’s history.  The following is a radio script done by practicum student Lauren Compton:

Students also began work on upcoming CLP projects.  In preparation for the publication of Califlora:  A Literary Field Guide, practicum members gathered information and wrote brief author sketches for those represented in the anthology.  In addition to these sketches, students also researched and compiled interesting, California plant facts which will be included in the anthology.  This student-based work has been a driving force behind the California Legacy Project’s success and progress.

The California Legacy Project has also had several exciting publications and events throughout the past year.  In partnership with Heyday Books in Berkeley, CLP published three new texts: No Rooms for their Own, Illuminated Landscapes, and A Yankee in Mexican California.  These texts, and more, can be found at  In April, CLP joined with the Art History Department to host David Ligare.  An accomplished artist, Ligare gave a well-received presentation on his representation of balance, humanity, and literature through his artwork and made plans to return to SCU in the fall.   More information on David Ligare can be found here:

Through the study and publication of California’s history through literature, technology, and communication, the California Legacy Project embodies the Santa Clara ideals of students and faculty working together to create a positive, constructive influence within our community.

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