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Gerald and Sally DeNardo Senior Prize in Science Research 2012

Established in 2007 to complement the Gerald and Sally DeNardo Lectureship, this prize is given by the Dean to recognize outstanding science research accomplishment by a graduating senior who reflects the distinctive characteristics of a Jesuit education and is pursuing a career in the health sciences.

The 2012 DeNardo Senior Prize is awarded to Stanley C. Hiew. Stan was nominated by Amelia Fuller, Clare Boothe Luce Professor in Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Stan is a senior chemistry major headed to the Ph.D. Program in Chemistry at U.C. Irvine next fall. With a cumulative GPA of 3.95, and 3.98 in his major, it is clear he is an outstanding student.

As a sophomore he was awarded the Carl H. Hayn Prize, which is awarded annually to a single student demonstrating excellence in the introductory physics sequence, chosen from among all science and engineering majors who take the sequence. At the same time he received the ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry, which is awarded annually to a single student demonstrating excellence in lower- and upper-division analytical chemistry courses. It is probably no surprise that as a sophomore, Stan was youngest student to be inducted by our University’s Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa into this nationally-recognized honors society.

Stan has been doing research since his sophomore year. He worked with Dr. Chris Weber in physics for one year including one summer as a Doelger Scholar. Doelger is a competitive University grant supporting summer research in the physics department. Stan’s award was to study “Ferromagnetic Exchange in a Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Ga(Mn,As): time-resolved study by transient-grating spectroscopy.” Results of this work were published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

In his junior and senior years–and the intervening summer– he began his research work in Dr. Fuller’s laboratory. He has presented a poster at the National ACS meeting, as well as at the regional undergraduate research symposium and has been a co-author on a poster Dr. Fuller presented at the American Peptide Symposium.

Stan also reflects the distinguishing characteristics of a Jesuit education. He has been an EMT and has been a participant in health outreach and other service programs locally and abroad, which are reflective of his conscience. In his personal statement as part of his graduate school applications, Stan stressed his desire to do science for social benefit.

In her nomination, Dr. Fuller also noted: “Stan is the most outstanding student I have worked with at SCU and is highly meritorious of this award. His passion for science, motivation, and initiative are unparalleled. In addition, he is exceptionally thoughtful about the societal impact of his work, which is a truly unique characteristic among his peers. He is recently the recipient of an honorable mention from the NSF graduate fellowship program, a distinction which places him among the very best of his peers, and will surely be a leader in his field as his career matures.”

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