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  •  Improving communication between researchers and practitioners

    Friday, Jul. 12, 2013

    ESS faculty member Virginia Matzek recently collaborated with SCU students Justin Covino (Environmental Science '13), Martin Saunders (Environmental Studies '12), and colleague Jennifer Funk of Chapman University to assess how well knowledge about invasive species is shared between academic researchers and land managers. Their surveys revealed that most practitioners do not read academic papers on invasive species and instead tend to rely on their own experience. Information flow is just as limited in the other direction.  Virginia's team recommends that, in addition to developing interdisciplinary research ideas in direct consultation with managers, academic researchers should seek new ways to make their work more accessible, including open-access publishing, presenting results at stakeholder workshops or conferences, and using citizen science.

     A paper describing their work has been published in the journal Conservation Letters. The article is open-access and can be downloaded here.

  •  Claire Overholt blogs about summer journey

    Monday, Jul. 8, 2013
    SCU Environmental Studies major Claire Overholt is completing a fellowship through the Leavey School of Business Global Fellows program.
    For the next five weeks Claire will be interning with a non-profit based in Kolkata, India called the Association for Social and Environmental Development. Claire and her internship partner, Jessica VanderGiessen (a SCU bioengineering student), will be blogging about their experiences at
    Claire and Jessica's goal for their time in India is to promote ASED’s mission of nature conservation through education and to use social media and digital storytelling to help the organization grow. Their blog will be of interest to anyone who wants to see what environmental studies students can do, what working for a non-profit is like, and what environmental problems and solutions in an emerging economy country look like.