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Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Majors and Minor

The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences offers interdisciplinary programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science or a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. Alternatively, students with any major may choose to minor in environmental studies.

These programs provide students with the intellectual foundation they will need in addressing crucial environmental challenges of the 21st century: human population growth, urban sprawl, deforestation, global climate change, waste disposal, the need for renewable energy, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.

  • iconEnvironmental Science Major

    The Environmental Science major has a natural science focus. The foundational courses for this degree include courses in chemistry and mathematics as well as ethics and social science. Advanced courses in ecology, environmental engineering, and other areas also provide natural science depth to the program. Learn more…
  • iconEnvironmental Studies Major

    The Environmental Studies major has an interdisciplinary, social science focus. The Environmental Studies degree provides an integrated, interdisciplinary degree opportunity for undergraduates. Learn more…
  • iconMinor

    Designed to complement any undergraduate major, the Environmental Studies minor provides a broad and interdisciplinary introduction to the study of the environment. Learn more…
  • iconTransferring to SCU

    The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences welcomes transfer students at any stage in their academic career. Prior completion of one or more introductory-level courses (for example, Introduction to Environmental Studies or a lecture plus laboratory course such as Introduction to Environmental Science) is recommended but not required.

SCU Experience - Jesuit Philosophy
Pursuing meaningful work in environmental science
Chris Yuan-Farrell
Chris Yuan-Farrell

Graduate student became an expert in conservation easement research through his undergraduate years on the Mission campus.

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