Santa Clara University


User Groups

Internal Groups:
Internal Groups (the current SCU Community): Internal groups are defined as the current SCU community, those with SCU accounts (i.e., departments, programs, institutes, administration, faculty, staff, etc.), and student organizations officially recognized by the Office of Student Life.

First priority among these groups will be given to the following:

1.  Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

2.  Center for Professional Development

3.  Center for Science, Technology, and Society

4.  Facilities Department (maintenance)

5.  Office of the Provost

External Groups:
External Organizations (non-SCU Community): All groups other than those referred to above are classified as external to the University, and their reservation requests require a sponsor who is a member of the SCU staff or faculty. Reservations will be made for external organizations on a first-come, first-served basis.

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