Santa Clara University

History department

George F. Giacomini


George F. Giacomini, Jr.

Professor Emeritus


M.A. University of California - Berkeley, 1957
B.A. University of Santa Clara, 1956

Selected Publications

A Place of Promise: the City of Santa Clara 1852-2002 with Lorie Garcia and Geoffrey Goodfellow (2002).

Serving the Intellect, Touching the Heart: A Portrait of Santa Clara University, 1851-2001 with Gerald McKevitt, S.J. (2000).

"‘A Very Happy Group’: Nineteenth Century Student Life at Santa Clara" in Telling the Santa Clara Story: Sesquicentennial Voices, ed. Russell Skowronek (2002).

"Threshold of a New Era," Santa Clara Magazine, v. 42 (Fall 2000).


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