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Ignacio Ellacuria,
S.J. University Professor
University Historian
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Spring 2014 On Leave


Ph.D. University of California - Los Angeles, 1972
M.A. University of Southern California, 1964
B.S.T. Pontifical Gregorian University, 1975
B.A. University of San Francisco, 1961

Selected Publications

 "Jesuit Higher Education in the United States, 1814-c.1970" The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits, ed. Thomas Worcester (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008), 278-297

"Italian Jesuits in Maryland: A Clash of Theological Cultures," Studies in Jesuit Spirituality 39 (Spring 2007).

Brokers of Culture: Italian Jesuits in the American West, 1848-1919, (Stanford University Press, 2007).
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"Foreign Aid: Northwest Indian Evangelization by European Jesuits, 1841-1909," The Catholic Historical Review 91 (2005): 688-713.

"'Habits of Industry': Jesuits and Nineteenth-Century Native American Education," Spirit, Style, Story: Essays Honoring John Padberg, S.J., ed. Thomas M. Lucas (Chicago: Loyola Press, 2002), 365-401.Serving the Intellect, Touching the Heart

Serving the Intellect, Touching the Heart: A Portrait of Santa Clara University, 1851-2001, with George F. Giacomini, Jr. (Santa Clara University, 2000)

"The Art of Conversion: Jesuit and Flatheads in Nineteenth-Century Montana," U.S. Catholic Historian 12 (1994): 49-64.

"Christopher Columbus as a Civic Saint: Anglo Noce and Italian-American Assimilation," California History 71 (1992-1993): 516-533.

"Italian Jesuits in New Mexico: A Report by Donato M. Gasparri, 1867-1869," New Mexico Historical Review 67 (1992): 357-392.

"Jesuit Higher Education in the United States," Mid-America, An Historical Review 72 (1991): 209-226.

"Gregorio Mengarini, 1811-1886, North American Missionary and Linguist," Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu, 61 (1992): 171-189.

"Hispanic Californians and Catholic Higher Education: The Diary of Jesús María Estudillo, 1857-1864," California History 69 (Winter 1990-1991): 320-331, 401-403.

"Jesuit Missionary Linguistics in the Pacific Northwest: A Comparative Study," The Western Historical Quarterly 21 (1990): 281-304.

"The Jump That Saved the Rocky Mountain Mission&": Jesuit Recruitment and the Pacific Northwest," Pacific Historical Review 55 (1986): 427-453.

The University of Santa Clara, A History, 1851-1977 (Stanford University Press, 1979).

Administration and Service

Member, Board of Trustees, Santa Clara University, 1993-1999.

Rector, Jesuit Community at Santa Clara University, 1993-1999.

University Historian, Santa Clara University, 1985-present.

Member, Board of Trustees, Gonzaga University, 1988-1997.

Member, National Seminar on Jesuit Higher Education, 1990-1994.

Chair, History Department, Santa Clara University, 1984-1988.

Division Director, History and Social Science Division, Santa Clara University, 1985-1986.

University Archivist, Santa Clara University, 1975-1985.


U.S. Southwest
American Catholicism
U.S. Immigration


HIST 101 Historical Writing

HIST 103 History of the Jesuits

HIST 180 Native Americans of the United States

HIST 186 California

HIST 187 The American West

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