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Harry Odamtten


Harry Odamtten
Assistant Professor
O'Connor Hall 23
Phone: 408-554-4454

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Mondays & Wednesdays

Harry Nii Koney Odamtten is Assistant Professor of African and Atlantic History at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California. He holds a Dual Ph.D. in African American & African Studies, and History from Michigan State University, 2010 and earned his Bachelors from the University of Ghana, Legon, 2001. 

Odamtten is primarily an intellectual and social historian, and his dissertation, which he is currently revising into a manuscript, is entitled “A History of Ideas: West Africa, the “Black Atlantic” and Pan-Africanism.” His research activities and publications span African and African Diaspora intellectual and social history, African and African-American gender and women’s studies, Pan-Africanism, Hip-Hop and public culture. He teaches African, and Atlantic history as well as world history until 1492.


"The Significance of Things Fall Apart to African Historiography" Interventions: International Journal of Post-Colonial Studies, Vol. 11 (2) 161-165, 2009

"They Bleed But They Don't Die: Towards a Theoretical Canon on Ga-Adangbe Gender Studies" Journal of Pan African Studies, Vol.5 (2) 110-127, April 2012

"Hip-Hop Speaks, Hip-Life Answers: Global African Music" in Native Tongues: The African Hip-Hop Reader Edited by Paul Saucier (New Jersey:Africa World Press, September, 2011)

"Pan-Africanism; Ties that Bind Ghana and the United States" in Teaching Africa: A Guide for the 21st Century Classroom Edited by Brandon Lundy and Solomon Negash (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2013)

"Critical departures in the Practice of Pan-Africanism" in Pan-Africanism, Citizenship and Identity Edited by Toyin Falola and Kwame Essien (New York: Routledge, 2013)

Courses Taught

HIST  11A/12A  Africa and Atlantic History

HIST 140  Biography and Autobiography in the African Experience

HIST 104 World History until 1492

Future/Developing Courses

HIST 91  Africa in World History

HIST 157 Black/Afro-Americans in Africa History

Hip Hop and Public Culture in Africa