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Timothy O'Keefe


Timothy O'Keefe

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. Notre Dame University, 1968
M.A. Notre Dame University, 1963
B.A. St. Mary’s College, 1961

Teaching Experience

University of Notre Dame, (Teaching Assistant) 1963-65

Santa Clara University, (Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor) 1965-present

Loyola University, Chicago (Rome Center), (Visiting Associate Professor) 1979-80, 1985-86, (Visiting Professor) 1997-98 

Administrative Experience

Director, Santa Clara University Durham Summer Program, 2000-present

Director, Santa Clara University England/Normandy Summer Program, 2004

Chair, Santa Clara University Institute on the Columbian Quincentennial, 1989-90

Acting Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Santa Clara University, 1989-90

Director, Division of History and the Social Sciences, Santa Clara University, 1981-1990

Chair, Santa Clara University Institute on the Family, 1984

Chair, Santa Clara University Institute on War and Conscience, 1983

Member, Santa Clara University Board of Trustees, 1975-1981

Chair, History Department, Santa Clara University, 1973-76

Director, General Humanities Program, Santa Clara University, 1971-1973

Teaching and Research Awards

Curriculum and Development Grant, International Programs and College of Arts and Sciences, Santa Clara University, 2002

Dean's Research Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, Santa Clara University, 2004

Matching Research Grant, Office of the Provost, Santa Clara University, 2004

David E. Logothetti Teaching Award, by College of Arts and Sciences, Santa Clara University, 1995

Santa Clara University President's Special Recognition Award for Faculty, 1994

Irish American Cultural Institute Grant, 1993

Irvine Foundation Grants, 1992 and 1993

San Jose-Dublin Sister Cities "Spirit of Ireland Award," 1990

L.J. and Mary C. Skaggs Foundation Research and Publication Grant, 1990

Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence, by the University of Santa Clara, 1989

Thomas Terry, S.J. Research Award, 1989

College of Humanities Summer Grant, 1973

Selected Publications

Columbus, Confrontation, Christianity: The European-American Encounter Revisited, Forbes Mill Press, 1994.

James P. Walsh and Timothy J. O'Keefe, Legacy of a Native Son: James Duval Phelan and Villa Montalvo, Forbes Mill Press, 1993.

"Six Egg Whites and an Irish Whiskey Rinse," San Jose Performances Magazine: Villa Montalvo 1993 Performing Arts Season, July, 1993, pp. 6-7.

"Who Fears to Speak of '98?: Rhetoric and Rituals of the United Irishmen Centennial," Éire-Ireland, XXVII, 3 (1992), pp. 67-91.

"An Irish Wedding Party in Jerome, Arizona," Journal of the West, XXI, 2 (April, 1992), pp. 85-86.

"Idealism in Education," Santa Clara Magazine, Spring, 1991, pp. 32-33.

James P. Walsh and Timothy J. O'Keefe, "Moving Day," Villa Montalvo Performing Arts Magazine, 1991, pp. 10-13.

"The 1898 Efforts to Celebrate the United Irishmen: the '98 Centennial." Éire-Ireland, XXXIII, 2 (1988), pp. 51-73.

"Dublin: City of 1000 Years," Santa Clara Magazine, Spring, 1989, pp. 18-21.

"Nuclear War: A Teaching Guide; Institution-Wide Programs," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Vol. 40, 10, (1984), pp. 23-24.

"The Art and Politics of Parnell Monument," Éire-Ireland, XIX, 1, (1984), pp. 6-25.

"The Times and the Roman Catholics, 1857," Journal of Church and State, XVIII, 2 (Spring, 1976), pp. 253-272.

"An Historian's View of the Irish Crisis," Santa Clara Today, December, 1974.
Reprinted in The Best of Santa Clara Today, 1974-75.

Review of Frank Neal, Sectarian Violence: The Liverpool Experience, 1819-1914. The Catholic Historical Review, LXXV, 2, (1989), pp. 294-95.

Review of Jerrold I. Casway, Owen Roe O'Neill and the Struggle for Catholic Ireland. America, Vol. 154, 1 (January 4, 1986), pp. 16-18.

Review of Daniel Boorstin, The Discoverers. America, Vol. 150, 9 (March 10, 1984), pp.175-76

Review of Norris Pope, Dickens and Charity. The Catholic Historical Review, Vol. 67, 2 (1981), pp. 324-25.

Review of Sean McPhilemy's The Prime Minister:The Office and its Holders Since 1945 and Roy Jenkin's Churchill: A Biography. America, May 27, 2002.

Works In Progress

"Educating Catholic Young Men -"Principally Irish." Accepted for inclusion in The Irish in the San Francisco Bay Area

"James Duval Phelan's Fine Irish Hand: The Dedication of San Francisco's Robert Emmet Monument." Accepted for The Irish in the San Francisco Bay Area

Editor (with Donald Jordan), The Irish in the San Francisco Bay Area


Medieval or Modern Europe


HIST 11 Western Civilization: Ancient

HIST 12 Western Civilization: Medieval and Early Modern

HIST 13 Western Civilization: Modern

HIST 120 Churchill's England

HIST 121 Interpreting the English Reformation

HIST 131 Ireland

HIST 138 Second World War

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