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Kathleen (Katie) Simonton



Kathleen (Katie) Simonton

O'Connor 18
tel (408) 554-4708

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
and by appointment


 My research focuses on Irish immigration to North America and the ways in which immigrants articulate multiple identities and how those identities intersect with larger historical processes like nationalism, class and gender. I specifically examine the colonial and revolutionary periods when Quebec was a locus for the migration flow from Great Britain to Canada and the American colonies. A refuge for Scots-Irish immigrants and revolutionary loyalists, the Eastern Townships of Quebec on the U.S./Canada border, fostered the development of a unique Irish ethnic identity.


HIST 11A  Culture & Ideas: Civilization and the City

HIST 12A  Culture & Ideas: Civilization and the City

HIST 21  Western Civilization: Ancient

HIST 22  Western Civilization: Medieval

HIST 23  Western Civilization: Modern

HIST 96A  United States History A (Colonial to Reconstruction)

HIST 96B  United States History B (Reconstruction to Present)

HIST 104 World History

HIST 186 California

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