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Claudia Bernardi copyCLAUDIA BERNARDI, ARTIST & ARTS EDUCATOR --- WALLS OF HOPE (Perquin, El Salvador)

... is an internationally renown artist who works in the fields of human rights and social justice and who has exhibited her work in over 40 solo exhibitions. In all of her work over       the  past t wo decades – whether as an artist through installation, sculpture, and printmaking, as an educator through teaching and lecturing, or as a participant in human rights investigations – she has impacted thousands of people with her integrity, compassion, and truthfulness. She is an artist who has witnessed monstrous atrocities and unspeakable human tragedies, yet speaks of these horrors in ways that communicate the persistence of hope, undeniable integrity, and necessary remembrance. (Biography from Walls of Hope Website See what Claudia is doing in her Art School:


TEEN TRUTH LIVE (Canada & United States)2-430_1 copy
TTL Co-creator Erahm Christopher is an award-winning filmmaker who has created content for audiences of all ages that has screened on television and at film festivals across the United States and Canada. His films contain thought provoking messages that inspire thinking and discussion amongst people of all ages. Intent on making a difference in the world, he has traveled with TTL and spoken to middle school, high school, and adult audiences across North America. He has been featured on several news programs, magazines, various websites, radio shows, and received front-page coverage on multiple newspapers in the US and Canada. In less than three years, he has touched over 250,000 people with TTL's message of hope and making a difference. When not speaking or filmmaking Christopher crafts the TTL presentations and trains each TTL speaker to ensure the consistency of TTL's unique message. Since TTL's inception, Christopher's presentations have motivated state legislation, improved school climates, and changed people's lives.
(Biography from TEEN TRUTH LIVE Website,


ARTS IN THE ONE WORLD, (Brown University, Rhode Island)

The Justice and the Arts Initiative (JAI) cordially invites you, your colleagues and your students to our Fall Quarter Guest Artist Series to hear a talk by one of the theatre's most profound thinkers, Erik Ehn. Newly appointed as director of Playwrighting at Brown University, and author of The Saint Plays, Ehn will be on campus for one evening only.

ehn_1 copyMr. Ehn will discuss globalization from the point of view of justice and the arts, using examples from his collaborative work in Rwanda and Serbia. He will share insights on how the work of artist-activists is being charted and communicated in the Arts in the One World Conference he instigated, and finally will discuss his provocative collection of short plays each on the lives of a different saint, a project which now encompasses over one hundred plays. Santa Clara University's Theatre and Dance Department will be producing a selection of seven of The Saint Plays in November, one of which was written exclusively for the SCU production. Mr. Ehn will focus on one particular work in the collection, "Una Carrona | Rose of Lima," which deals with the tragedies experienced by those in El Salvador in 1989, events which the university community commemorates this fall with the Ignatian Center's Legacy of the Martyrs event.

In his preface to The Saint Plays (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000) Ehn stresses the metaphysical merits of transformation and letting go, rather than stasis, control and the complacency those states imply. "Figures slip death to be always becoming; we are invited to project ourselves into their metahistorical uproar, their irresolvable complexity, their constant approach. …The subject matter is exploded biography, or the means by which the self is overmastered by acts of the imagination, by acts of faith." Visit Erik’s Web Page:

Video about AOW Conference 2011:


MAURICIO SALGADO, FREE-LANCE ARTIST ---artist-mauricio269 copy

JAI has a long-term relationship with the organization ASTEP, represented by free-lance artists and Juilliard graduates Cindy and Mauricio Salgado. Dancer Cindy Salgado and actor Mauricio Salgado have visited SCU annually since the inception of JAI to share information on the not-for-profit organization ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty), which is dedicated to mobilizing artists to create positive experiences for youth in need.  Currently ASTEP handles programming in South Florida.

During their visits to Santa Clara University, ASTEP artists share their experiences in the field of social justice and the arts, work with students participating in the Social Justice and the Arts Seminar to strengthen SCU's outreach efforts to bring arts to under-served communities in San Jose, and provide pedagogy workshops in the Teaching the Performing Arts class. They work collaboratively with the Ignatian Center and Campus Ministry as well. ASTEP artists have inspired those students and graduates wiling to take up the challenge to create new paths for servicing the community through artistic exchange.

SCU Theatre, Dance and Music majors who have already served by working in both arts and education programs in India with ASTEP include: Ashley Borchardt, Genevieve Horvielleur, Francesca McKenzie, Richard Nieva, Grace Patel, Allie Rubin.

Santa Clara University is the first university to be listed as partners with ASTEP, and the Jusice and the Arts Initiative will strive to continue this important relationship.

Visit the ASTEP website at & Click HERE for photos


Students & Alumni

for Arts Reach-1


Arts Reach is a group of teaching artists at Santa Clara who find it important to make art accesible to all people, especially children. They meet twice a week with several teachers and go to the Sacred Heart Community Center. Here they work with students from the after school Homework Club and work on the enrichment program by doing all forms of art with the students. Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:30 - 5:30pm. For more information contact Kelly Frickleton ( or Hannah Miller (




In collaboration with AmeriCorps and seven other regional organizations, Santa Clara University's Environmental Studies Institute launched the Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) program in 2009 to promote environmental education and healthy nutritional habits for at-risk families in San Jose. BUG serves urban schools and community centers with a special emphasis on San Jose's Alma, Gardner, and Washington neighborhoods. Each year, more than 100 SCU students, 50 community volunteers, 6 AmeriCorps members, and two professors provide standards-aligned science enrichment activities for children, youth, teachers, and families in these marginalized communities. Especially as local government capacity has declined amid the current recession, Santa Clara has stepped in to provide key services to schools, neighborhoods, and families.




The Khaled Hosseini Foundation (KHF) is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. KHF supports projects which provide shelter to refugee families, economic and education opportunities, as well as healthcare for women and children. In addition, KHF awards scholarships to women pursuing higher education in Afghanistan. One of their most recent projects is SOS: Student Outreach for Shelters. This program integrates a rigorous, secondary school curriculum with service-learning so that young people reading Khaled Hosseini's novels can connect classroom learning to the world beyond school, and make a positive difference for children and families in Afghanistan. Watch & Learn about KHF and SOS by watching this video.



Calling all music lovers, JAIME needs you! JAIME is an innovative program that combines music education and justice issues. Through the art of music, the students of Sacred Heart Middle School are learning the value of the arts and community building. Want to help teach or just get involved? Sign up today to get email updates about this program! For more information contact Christopher Wemp ( or to get on our mailing list.



CHINADEGA COMMUNITY, (Villa Catalina, Nicaragua)

Teatro Catalinawas formed to implement a summer theatre arts initiative in the village of Villa Catalina, Nicaragua. Its aim is to promote social justice through the use of arts education. The group meets throughout the academic year at SCU for planning and developing resources and methods, and is looking for new members who will commint to spending four to eight weeks in the summer in Nicaragua teaching theatre, dance, music or art. 

In 2008, members of Villa Catalina traveled to a community in Chinadega, Nicaragua to build a permanent outdoor stage and start an after school theatre program. Their goal was to establish a sustainable arts initiative for youth of the village and a tangible connection between the Nicaraguan community and the community of Santa Clara University.  If you'd like to see how this venture  played out, please view the YouTube Video below... or visit their facebook.

Teatro Catalina is an ASSCU club that is advised by faculty of the Justice & the Arts Initiative and the Department of Theatre and Dance, in conjunction with Amigos for Christ. Contact directors Katie Fitzgerald and Joey Brannan for info on upcoming meetings or to be put on the mailing list:

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