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Internship Opportunities

Click the links below to discover internship opportunities for social justice and the arts:

Ignatian Center

The Ignatian Center provides a variety of internship program and immersions that are geared towards building a just world. The following links will lead you directly to some internship opportunities:

Kolvenbach Immersions

Donovan Fellowship

Arrupe Internship

Spohn Ministry Grant


  Who They Are - They are a group of teaching artisits at Santa Clara who find it important to make art accessible to all people, especially children. 

  What They Do - Twice a week several teachers go to Sacred Heart Community Center's after school Homework Club and work on the enrichment program by doing all forms of art with the students. 

When - Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 4:30 - 5:30pm

For more information contact Kelly Frickleton ( or Hannah Miller (

Teatro Catalina

Teatro Catalina was formed to implement a summer theatre arts initiative in the village of Villa Catalina, Nicaragua. Its aim is to promote social justice through the use of arts education. 

the group meets throughout the academic year at SCU for planning and developing resources and methods, and is looking for new members who will commint to spending four to eight weeks in the summer in Nicaragua teaching theatre, dance, music or art. 

In 2008, members of Villa Catalina traveled to a community in Chinadega, Nicaragua to build a permanent outdoor stage and start an after school theatre program. Their goal was to establish a sustainable arts initiative for youth of the village and a tangible connection between the Nicaraguan community and the community of Santa Clara University.  If you'd like to see how this venture  played out, please view the YouTube Video below...

Teatro Catalina is an ASSCU club that is advised by faculty of the Justice & the Arts Initiative and the Department of Theatre and Dance, in conjunction with Amigos for Christ. Contact directors Katie Fitzgerald and Joy Brannan for info on upcoming meetings or to be put on the mailing list:

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