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Liberal Studies program



"In our society we have always expected schools to provide an equal and equitable education for all students, not just for those who have no problems in their lives or who fit the image of successful students due to race, class, or language ability. The promise of an equal education for all students of all backgrounds in the United States has yet to be realized.... Nevertheless, the ideal of equitable education opportunity is worth defending and vigorously putting into practice."

--Sonia Nieto

The urban education minor provides Santa Clara undergraduate students seeking to become K-12 teachers with the basics in educational theory, urban school observation and reflective experiences, and the sociological and psychological foundations of education.



The Urban Education Minor springs from the Jesuit commitment to a preferential option for the poor and reflects a multicultural focus for students interested in the field of education. Societal problems, such as poverty, crime and prejudice, challenge teachers and policy-makers who struggle daily with how to strengthen K-12 educational experience for children.

Career Implications

This undergraduate minor is a good choice for those considering careers in public policy, social work, or related fields, and it is excellent preparation for a teaching career. By completing the Urban Education Minor, students will have completed several undergraduate courses which are required for the teaching credential. Students should consult with their credential program to determine which courses waive credential requirements.



  • POLI 1 or HIST 96A
  • EDUC 70, 106, 138, 198A/B
  • PSYC 134
  • PSYC 185 or PSYC 172