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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is an institutional member of various national professional organizations and is associated with various honorary and social organizations for its faculty and majors. In addition, the Department sponsors activities for Santa Clara University faculty and students as well as for the community.


The Department sponsors a weekly colloquium for faculty and interested students. Further information is contained on Colloquium's web page.

Community Outreach Activities

The Department sponsors three major activities for the community:

Further information is available on the individual web pages.

In addition, the Department is a cosponsor of Bay Area Mathematical Adventures (BAMA) which sponsors monthly lectures for students interested in mathematics. Lectures alternate between Santa Clara University and San Jose State University.

Although Computer Camps are held during the summer at Santa Clara University, they are not sponsored by any of the academic departments. Inquiries should be made to the University's Conference Services Office at 408-554-4302.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Professional Associations

Santa Clara University is an institutional member of the following organizations:

Faculty in the department are active in professional organizations, in particular the Mathematical Association of America, and the national director of the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is a member of the department.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Honorary and Social Organizations

In addition to having a Sigma Xi club, Santa Clara University has a chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honor society, and a chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the national computer science honor society. Pi Mu Epsilon student members are active in providing tutoring on campus for students enrolled in mathematics courses.

In addition, there is a student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America, and a departmental organization, the Math/CS Society, an active student organization that sponsors social and educational events, including an annual Career Night.

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