Santa Clara University

Mathematics and Computer Science department


  • iconMath/CS Society Pizza Night

    New officers will be elected for next year.  Any student interested in mathematics or computer science is welcome to attend. Tuesday, May 25, 5:00pm, at Round Table Pizza next to Safeway (2615 The Alameda, Santa Clara).

  • iconProblem Solving Seminar

    Towns Alpha and Beta are 5 miles apart and are 3 miles and 6 miles (respectively) due north of a railroad track that runs east-west. A station is to be built along the tracks and two roads are to be built: one straight from the station to Alpha and the other straight from the station to Beta. What is the minimum combined length of the two roads ?

    Interested ?  First meeting: Wednesday, March 31, 3:30pm, O'Connor 31.  Contact Prof. Walden ( for details.

  • iconSpring Departmental Colloquium Series

    Tuesday afternoons, 3:50-4:50pm.  Speakers from on-campus and off-campus give presentations on various topics related to mathematics and computer science.  Speakers are advised in advance that undergraduate students may be present, so at least part of the talk should be accessible to students.
  • iconGraduating Seniors

    The Department will host a post-graduation reception for graduates and families.  It is held on the sidewalk on the west side of O'Connor Hall after the graduation ceremony.  Please bring your families there so you can introduce them to the faculty.

  • iconNoyce Scholarships

    Financial assistance available for current SCU students interested in teaching high school mathematics.  Detailed information (including instructions for applying) is available here.
  • iconFree Tutoring

    • Sussman Room (check schedule on the blackboard opposite the door to O'Connor 31).  Sponsored by Pi Mu Epsilon.
    • Basement of Benson, 7-9pm Sunday through Thursday.  Sponsored by the Drahmann Center.
  • iconGraders needed for MATH/CS courses

    See the list in the Sussman Room.  Students who have taken a course and received an A or B may apply.  Contact the instructor directly.
  • iconPi Mu Epsilon Initiation and Awards Banquet

     The annual Pi Mu Epsilon Initiation Banquet at which departmental awards will be given will be held on Tuesday evening, May 18, 2010 at the Adobe Lodge on campus, starting around 6:15pm.  There will be a social period starting at 5:30pm. Departmental alumni are welcome to attend.  Please contact the Department office by May 10 at the latest.

  • iconNews Archive

    Old news and events here.
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