Santa Clara University

Mathematics and Computer Science department

Academic Programs

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers two undergraduate majors: the Mathematics Major and the Computer Science Major. In addition, students may also chose either of the two departmental minors: the Mathematics Minor or the Computer Science Minor.

For those who wish to focus on either applied mathematics, financial mathematics, mathematical economics, or mathematics education while majoring in mathematics, the Department provides emphases in all three of these areas with lists of recommended courses.

For those who wish to focus on cryptography and security while majoring in computer science, the Department provides an emphasis in this area with a list of recommended courses.

In addition, the Department cooperates with the Department of Computer Engineering in offering the option of a five-year combined B.S. and M.S. program for those majoring in computer science.

The Department also cooperates with Santa Clara University's Center for Science, Technology, and Society in the interdisciplinary Minor in Science, Technology, and Society.

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