Santa Clara University

Mathematics and Computer Science department
Winter 2014: Undergraduate, College of Arts and Sciences
Subject Mathematics
Course MATH 11
Title Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
Units (min/max) 4.00/4.00
Description Differentiation and applications, introduction to integration. Ordinarily, only one of MATH 11, or 30 may be taken for credit. (Note: MATH 11 is not a suitable prerequisite for MATH 31.) Prerequisite: High school trigonometry and either Calculus Readiness Exam or satisfactory grade in MATH 9. If MATH 9 is taken, a grade of C- or higher is strongly recommended before taking MATH 11.
Term Class Instructor(s) Meeting Days Meeting Times Location
Winter 2014 93546 Poe,Laurie D MWF
10:30 AM-11:35 AM

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