Santa Clara University

Mathematics and Computer Science department

SCU Young Scholars Program in Mathematics

In an effort to encourage talented high school students to continue their mathematical studies beyond what might be offered at their own schools, the Department provides an opportunity for them to enroll in mathematics classes at Santa Clara. In addition to obtaining college credit in mathematics courses, high school students admitted to this program will have the opportunity to experience academic life in a university setting.

To be eligible for the program, students must have completed all of the advanced mathematics courses offered at their high schools with high marks. Admitted students must also be enrolled at their high school while taking classes at Santa Clara. Typically, applicants will be juniors or seniors who have completed AP Calculus, but other exceptional students will also be considered. Please contact the program coordinator if you have questions about eligibility.

Application Procedure

To apply, please go to Santa Clara University Young Scholars Program.

Courses Available
A course or courses from the following list will be appropriate for most students in the program, but there are other options for more advanced students. Decisions about which courses to take will be made on an individual basis once candidates are admitted.
  • Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (Math 13)
  • Calculus and Analytic Geometry IV (Math 14)
  • Differential Equations (Math 22)
  • Discrete Mathematics (Math 51)
  • Introduction to Abstract Algebra (Math 52)
  • Linear Algebra (Math 53)
  • Problem Solving Seminar (Math 190)
For class times or other course options, please contact the program coordinator. Enrollment is subject to availability of seats.

Further Information
For additional information about the program, please go to Santa Clara University Young Scholars Program.
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