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Modern Languages and Literatures department

Future Course Offerings



Winter 2007

  • GERM 2—Elementary German II

MWF 9:15am-10:20am (Tabbert-Jones)

MWF 11:45am-12:50am (Rosenbladt)


  • GERM 22—Intermediate German

MWF 11:45am-12:50am (Tabbert-Jones)


  • GERM 180—German Cinema 

TR 9:55am-11:40am (Rosenbladt)
An overview of German film making from the beginnings to the present. Analysis and discussion of influential films with emphasis on the evolution of cinematic style and techniques. Exploration of the socio-historical and cultural context in which the films were made. Taught in English. No prerequisites. (also listed as ENGL 169)
German component available. Prerequisite: German 101 or equivalent.


  • Political Science 119—European Union

MWF 1:00pm-2:05pm (Morlang)

Taught in English, this course is accepted by the German Studies Program as an upper division German course.


Spring 2007

  • GERM 3—Elementary German III
  • GERM—German Conversation Course

Summer 2007 (Study Abroad in Freiburg, Germany)

  • GERM 111---Contemporary German Civilization
  • GERM Language Courses—Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Fall 2007

GERM 1—Elementary German I
  • GERM 21—Intermediate German
  • GERM 140—19th Century Romanticism

Philosophy of the Romantics. German fairy tale. Selected works by Kleist, Eichendorff, Heine, and Wagner. (5 units)


Winter 2008

  • GERM 182—Women in German Literature: Author’s and Characters

This course will also fulfill SCU’s Ethnic Studies/ Women & Gender Studies requirement.


Spring 2008

·        GERM—German Culture through Film



Please Note:  All course offerings are tentative
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