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Modern Languages and Literatures department
Victor Vari

Victor Vari, Ph.D.

Department: Modern Languages
Title: Harold & Edythe Toso Professor

Office: Kenna 225-I
Phone: 408-554-4047
Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Information

Dr. Vari Harold & Edythe Toso Professor, was born in San Francisco and received his undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University in 1941. He did graduate work at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Lausanne University in Switzerland, and Mexico University, and received his master's degree from Stanford University in 1951. He completed his Ph.D. (summa cum laude) at the University of Madrid in Spain in 1961.

In 1946, Dr. Vari began teaching at Santa Clara University. He has not only been here longer than all professors, he has had the opportunity to see his former students become his colleagues. Dr. Vari has been teaching for 71 years, this year will be his 64th at Santa Clara.   Dr. Vari's favorite aspect of teaching at Santa Clara is his relationship with students and their families.

Courses Taught
  • Elementary Italian I, II, and III
  • Intermediate Italian I and II
  • Advanced Italian I and I
  • Dante, La Divina Comedia I & II
  • Duecento, Trecento
  • Quattrocento, Cinquecento (Rinascimento)
  • Settecento
  • Ottocento, I Promessi Sposi
  • Novecento, Italian Literature of the 20th Century
  • Survey of Italian Culture & Civilization (Assisi, Italy)
  • Also, Elementary French (first course taught at SCU in 1946)
  • Italian & Spanish, 1951 – 1962, College of Notre Dame
Selected Publications
  • Carducci y España(Comparative Literature) Biblioteca Románica Hispánica. Madrid. Editorial Gredos. 1963.
  • "L'Italia Racconta" with Mario Poppo from the University of Genova, 1964
  • "Appunti sul Carducci" Firenze,G.C. Sansoni. 1967. (Not published)
  • Translation of Tavolette Votive by Dr. Ezio Ranaldi, a book of ex-voto. Published in Italy, 1990
  • Tre Mila Anni di Storia e Cultura 4 volumes; Co-author Nello Proia, 2006
  • Translation of Casse di Cartone by Francisco Jimenez, tipografia achile, Italy 2007
  • Book Review of "La Maledizione del Frate Nero," Maria Giannetto. Roma, October 2009

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