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Study Abroad Testimonials

undefined Studying abroad, for me, was a goal that I had always set for myself, knowing that I would have so much fun and gain so much from it.  But even as much as I could read about living in another country, I could not prepare myself for the nearly four most amazing months of   my life.  Starting off in Paris, I was really nervous about speaking French everywhere I went, but with my family that only spoke French, and my classes in French too, I quickly adjusted and realized how great it felt to be able to live and thrive in a country where my second language was spoken.  Throughout my time abroad, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of other places around the world, and I learned more about myself than I ever thought I could.  I am so grateful for the experience, and I think that everyone should study abroad, no matter where they go.  Especially with our school, it is so easy to find a program that fits with your major, there’s no excuse not to!  Going abroad was an experience of a lifetime, and I will never forget the memories and lessons learned while in Paris.

                                          Erin Anderson  IES Paris Fall 2007

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