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Japanese Studies at Santa Clara University

MAJOR MINOR – minimum of 19 Upper Division Units
 At this time, Santa Clara University does not offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese Studies.  Students who would like to pursue a major in Japanese language or in Japanese Studies may do so as an Individual Studies major.  Please contact the Individual Studies Program Coordinator (Jean Pedersen, Math) or the Department of Modern Languages for more details.

 As part of the 19 units, the following courses must be included:

  • Japanese 100 or dept. approved substitution
  • Japanese 101 or dept. approved substitution
  • Japanese 102 or dept. approved substitution
  • One upper division course in Japanese literature taught in English may be included among the units required for the minor
  • 10 units must be taken at SCU or taught by SCU faculty
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in the minor
  • A junior year of study in Japan is recommended, but not required.


Language Skills


Lower Division


Elementary Japanese I


Elementary Japanese II


Elementary Japanese III


Intermediate Japanese I


Intermediate Japanese II


Intermediate Japanese III

Upper Division

JAPN 100

Advanced Japanese I

JAPN 101

Advanced Japanese II

JAPN 102

Advanced Japanese III

JAPN 113

Readings in Japanese I

JAPN 114

Readings in Japanese II

JAPN 115

Readings in Japanese III


Literature and Culture


JAPN 137

Japanese Culture


Special Courses


JAPN 194

Peer Educator in Japanese

JAPN 198

Directed Study

JAPN 199

Directed Reading

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