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Spanish Resources for Professors Recursos, materiales e información para profesores
de español como lengua extranjera y segunda.

Folk DC Music and languages. An European Union funded education project to motivate early language learners through music.

Historias de debajo de la luna
Interviews to immigrants from all over the world who are now living in Spain. See how they deal with "culture shock". They also present a short story from their culture. 

Lecturas paso a paso. Lecturas de nivel inicial, intermedio, avanzado. De suspense y misterio. Initial, intermediate and advanced readings. Suspense and mystery.  teaching materials: thematic units, videos, virtual picturebooks, realia and links in different languages. Variadad de eactividades divertidas basadas en obras culturales (canciones, tiras cómicas, carteles de cine, publicidad, arte, etc.) en las que se pretende aprender por descubrimiento sobre el idioma español y las culturas del mundo hispanohablante.

Sparken Enthusiasm. Website that offers ideas for teachers including videos You can find reports and articles on culture, society, geography, and everyday life in Spanish-speaking world. It comes with video and assistance with vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and expressions.

Canal 22. Mexico’s cultural TV channel:


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