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Music Scholarship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the music program at Santa Clara University. While no audition is necessary to major in music, scholarship auditions (vocalists & instrumentalists) and interviews (composers) may be scheduled for students who will be a declared music major and wish to be considered for financial support.

Audition Procedure

Auditions will take place on Saturday January 17th, 2015 in the Recital Hall of the Santa Clara University Department of Music. The actual time for the auditions will be dependent on the number of applications, and will be communicated closer to the audition date.

Please download the necessary documents (See Right Hand Column) and submit them by Friday, January 3rd, 2015. Applications postmarked later than January 11th will be inadmissible.

Since many applicants live far away, a live audition or interview is not required. Both live and pre-recorded auditions have equal weighting in the decision process.

  • All scholarship applicants must provide current academic transcripts with their application

  • All scholarship applicants must complete the application in the appropriate area, and should submit it with a Personal Essay and a Program Note (See application for specific information).

  • If you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist who will NOT take a live audition, you must also submit a recording of your singing or playing, along with the above items. (See application for specific information).

  • An accompanist will be provided for vocalists and instrumentalists if required. Please ensure that music is provided with your application.

  • If you are a composer you must submit scores and/or recordings of your music along with the application, essay, and program note. (See application for specific information). Whether or not plan you plan to take an interview, no further submissions are required.

* Note: students may apply in more than one area. 

All scholarship materials must be mailed (hardcopy) to the Music Office address below with any accompanying materials you may wish to submit. (It is not necessary to submit supplemental materials if you take a live audition). Electronic/E-mail submissions will not be accepted.

Composers are encouraged to mail their applications with materials. 

Applications must be postmarked no later than January 3rd, 2014. Applications postmarked after this date will not be accepted. 

Send your application material to:

Department of Music
Attn: Scholarship Application
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053 

For further information please call 408-554-4428.
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