Santa Clara University

Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries


Students in the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries earn an M.A. degree with the opportunity to concentrate in one of four key areas of ministry and faith development.

  • iconCatechetics

    The Catechetics emphasis enables educators in schools (K–12) and parishes to deepen their theological knowledge and educational practice in order to better serve students and parishioners. Coursework focuses on the fundamentals of religious education, including the process and practice of Catechesis and Liturgical Catechesis. Students may also take electives offered through Santa Clara University’s respected School of Education and Counseling Psychology program.
  • iconPastoral Liturgy

    The Pastoral Liturgy emphasis attracts committed lay leaders and parish staff members who have already gained extensive ministry experience as Eucharistic Ministers, Chaplains, Lectors, or Music Ministers. They seek an M.A. degree in order to advance their skills and prepare for future positions such as Director of Liturgy or Music Director. Coursework focuses on the Eucharist, the liturgy and liturgical spirituality, ritual, sacraments of healing, and music.
  • iconSpirituality

    People of all vocations and walks of life pursue Spirituality studies in order to enrich their lives through a deeper exploration of their faith. Others choose this emphasis to deepen their understanding of spiritual matters in order to pursue careers in fields related to social justice, such as human services, community outreach, education, youth or campus ministry, or spiritual direction. Coursework focuses on history, psychology, discernment, contemporary issues, liturgy, scripture, and prayer.
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