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  • iconThe GPPM is growing!

    The Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries of Santa Clara University is conducting courses all over the state of California. We have active students in the Dioceses of Sacramento and San José in the north, and Monterey, Fresno and San Bernardino in the south. Don't be surprised if you find students from other parts of the state learning and sharing alongside you in a blended course. We are delighted to be reaching out to many new students and we welcome all the experiences they bring to the table.

  • iconComprehensive Exams

    Those students entering the program now are no longer required to take comprehensive exams. Those of you currently in the program who have not printed out the questions from the prior version of the website may contact the GPPM office for copies of the comprehensive exam questions.
  • iconHave you considered chaplaincy as a ministry?

    What will be your ministry for the church? Have you considered pastoral/spiritual care ministry as a board certified chaplain?

    Over half of the members of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) are lay women and men, endorsed as lay ecclesial health care ministers serving in hospitals, hospices, long term care, and a variety of other settings.

    For nearly a half century (founded in 1965) NACC members have continued the healing ministry of Jesus in the name of the Church. Would you consider this profession?

    Go to this page to find answers to many questions, a video on the chaplaincy ministry, as well as testimonies by many serving in this spiritual care field. Also visit the NACC website homepage for a brief video on chaplaincy.

    And please consider becoming a student member, by filling out an application form here. Being a member will help your discernment by connecting you with other members who are working in or preparing for the spiritual care ministry.


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