Santa Clara University

Phone: (408) 554-4542
Location: Kenna Hall

Paul Crowley, S.J. Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Father Crowley has also taught courses at Stanford University, St. Patrick's Seminary, St. Mary's College, and Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

His courses are offered in two main areas: 1. fundamental, philosophical, and systematic theology (principally in hermeneutics, Christology, and ecclesiology), and 2. theological interpretations of themes of Christian existence, primarily suffering and sexuality. His theological methods are principally inspired by the work of Karl Rahner.

Fr. Crowley's ongoing research interests lie in the intersection between systematic theology and modern thought. He has published in Theological Studies, Heythrop, America and Commonweal, among others.

For the GPPM he has taught:
SPIR 231 Suffering: Theology, Spirituality & Ministry
SPIR 232 Karl Rahner: Spiritual Writings

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