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Petition to Graduate

Petition to Graduate
Information for your diploma

The following information will be used to order your diploma and list your name in the Commencement Program. Please note the date it must be submitted in order to graduate when you desire and to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

January —, March graduation date

February —. June graduation date

June —, September graduation date

October —, December graduation date


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Permanent Address

Your diploma is issued three months following your graduation date and will be mailed to the address you provide for your permanent address below.

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June Commencement Ceremony

If you require only two courses to complete your degree and you plan to complete those courses during the following quarter, you may petition to participate in the June Commencement Ceremony.

Quarter and Year you will complete all of your requirements for the degree:*

Date: I hereby petition to graduate with the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries degree:*

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