Santa Clara University


Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

We aim to excel as teachers and scholars who promote learning for ourselves, our students, other scholars, and the public.  We endeavor to produce graduates who are knowledgeable about the traditions, theories, and methodologies of political science; skilled in critical thinking; informed as citizens; and aware of career and service opportunities related to politics.

Goals and Objectives

A.    Student Learning – Substantive Knowledge

  1. Students should understand the processes and institutions that shape politics within and between nations.
  2. Students should understand the theoretical traditions, debates, and methodological approaches used in the study of politics.

B.     Student Learning – Analytical Skills

  1. Students should be able to choose important questions for study, accurately assess and persuasively apply relevant evidence, and construct compelling arguments in support of a particular position.

C.     Student Learning – Communication Skills

  1. Students should be able to write a persuasive, coherent, and grammatically-correct paper.
  2. Students should be able to present their ideas orally in an effective and engaging manner

D.     Student Learning – Research Skills

  1. Students should demonstrate competence in using traditional and modern resources to acquire information.

E.     Student Learning – Student Engagement with Politics

  1. Political science students, including graduates, should demonstrate an ongoing interest in and engagement with politics in some aspect of their personal and/or professional lives.

F.     Embracing the Scholarly Endeavor

  1. Faculty should conduct quality research, publish in peer-reviewed venues, present papers at conferences, apply for grants, serve as reviewers for journals and presses, and share their research with one another.
  2. The Department and University should create an environment in which scholarship is shared and valued.
  3. Students should come to understand and appreciate the scholarly endeavor through greater awareness of and involvement in faculty research.

G.     Service and Citizenship

  1. Faculty and staff, in the service that they perform, should serve as role models for students who are exploring their own call to service and seeking to define what constitutes good citizenship.