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Psychology Major with an Emphasis in Psychobiology


The Psychobiology Emphasis is an area of focus within the Psychology Major. It is not a major in its own right. The goal of this emphasis is to prepare the student for graduate programs in Neuroscience or Behavioral Neuroscience.

There are many graduate programs of Neuroscience around the country. However, this emphasis is also suitable for students interested in Psychology graduate programs with specialties in the following areas: Behavioral Neuroscience (Physiological Psychology), Human Neuropsychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Comparative Animal Behavior (Comparative Psychology, Evolution of Behavior), Behavioral Pharmacology (this specialty would be a good track for students interested in a research career in the pharmaceutical industry), Behavioral Endocrinology, and various specialties within the area of General Experimental Psychology.

This emphasis is also suitable for students interested in a career in the medical professions (Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry, Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy). However, the student interested in these professions will need to take additional courses (e.g., Physics, Quantitative Analysis) not included in the Psychobiology Emphasis; it is best to contact medical programs of interest to identify their specific requirements before planning your schedule of courses.



The student must complete the same University and College Core requirements that all Psychology Majors are required to complete (The science and math requirements are satisfied by the courses included in the concentration; note that psychobiology students must take Math 11 & 12 rather than 6 & 7.

Within Psychology, the student must complete the courses required by the major (see Major Requirements). Outside of Psychology, the student must also complete the following courses in order to satisfy the requirements for the Psychobiology Emphasis:

  1. Biology 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25
  2. Chemistry 11, 12, 13, 31, and 32
  3. Math 11, 12.

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It is important that you plan your schedule of classes carefully with your advisor. Many of the courses are only offered once/year, and on top of that, a required course might have a time conflict with another needed course or lab in a given term. It is your responsibility to be pro-active in organizing and time-managing the scheduling of the courses needed to satisfy the concentration.

Students are personally responsible for knowing all the academic regulations affecting their program of study and for completing all degree requirements as set forth by the University, their College or School, and academic department(s). Failure to understand these regulations and requirements does not relieve a student of responsibility (Undergraduate Bulletin).


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