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Recent Faculty Publications and Research

Psychology Department wins Bernard Hubbard, S.J., Creative Collaboration Award!

This award recognizes faculty for outstanding collaborative work with undergraduate students. Because the Psychology Department places collaborative research with undergraduate students at the heart of our mission, we were recognized as an entire department. It is the first time a department, rather than an individual faculty member, has received the award. To see photos and information, click here.

Psychology of Aging

Simone, P.M. and Haas, A. (2007) The influence of lifelong learning on mood, LLI Review, 2, 36-42.

Clinical Psychology

Cornelius, T.L., Sullivan, K.T., Resseguie, N., & Milliken, J. (In press). Participation in Prevention Programs for Dating Violence: Beliefs about Relationship Violence and Intention to Participate. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Plante, T. G. (2009). Spiritual Practices in Psychotherapy: Thirteen Tools for Enhancing Psychological Health. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Sullivan, K.T., & Karney, B.R. (In press). Incorporating Religious Practice in Marital Interventions: To Pray or Not to Pray? Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Education Psychology

Maehr, M. L., Karabenick, S., & Urdan, T. (Eds.) (2008). Advances in Motivation and Achievement, v. 15: Social Psychological Perspectives.  Emerald Publishing.

Pajares, F., & Urdan, T. (Eds.) (2008). The ones we remember:  Scholars reflect on teachers who made a difference.  Information Age Publishing.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Bezrukova, K., Jehn, K., Zanutto, E., and Thatcher, S.M.B. (In press). Do workgroup faultlines help or hurt? A moderated model of faultlines, team identification, and group performance. Organization Science.

Zanutto, E., Bezrukova, K., and Jehn, K. (Forthcoming). Measuring Group Faultlines Strength and Distance. Quality and Quantity.

Bezrukova, K. and Uparna, J. (Forthcoming). Group splits and culture shifts: A new map of the creativity terrain. In M.A.Neale, B.Mannix & J.Goncalo (Eds.), Research on Managing Groups and Teams, Vol. 12. Stamford, CT: JAI Press.

Learning Psychology

Dulaney, A.E. & Bell, M.C. (2008) Amount of reinforcement, resistance to change, and generalization decrement. Behavioural Processes, 78, 253-258.

McDevitt, M. A., & Bell, M. C. (2008). Effects of a discrete-trial procedure on probe test results. Behavioural Processes, 77, 376-383.

Psychology of Sleep and Dreaming

Bulkeley, K. and Kahan, T.L. (2008). The impact of September 11 on dreaming. Consciousness and Cognition, 17, 1248-1256.

Baker, F.C., Colrain, I.A., Kahan, T.L., Trinder, J. (2007). Sleep Quality and the Sleep Electroencephalogram in Women with Severe Premenstrual Syndrome. SLEEP, Vol. 30, No. 10.

Social Psychology

Dr. Jerry Burger's replication of Milgram's Obedience studies was featured in the January 3, 2007 broadcast of ABC News’ Primetime. You can see a short summary of that broadcast at