Santa Clara University

Religious Studies department

Graduation Guidelines

Five Steps to Graduation

First Step: Pick up your forms from the Department of Religious Studies.
  1. Petition for Graduation
  2. Pre-Graduation Evaluation
  3. Exit Interview Form

Fill out the Petition for Graduation and the top portion of the Pre-Graduation Evaluation Sheet, above "university requirements." Bring these with you when you see your adviser.

Second Step: Appointment with adviser and completion of the Pre-Graduation Evaluation Form.

This form, which will list the specific courses you still need to take for graduation, will be completed by your adviser. You will sign both forms. Adviser must sign above chair's signature.

Third Step: Turn in sealed Exit Interview Form to the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Gary Macy, in Kenna 323H. (see Fourth Step).

If you do not turn it in, the graduation forms cannot be signed.

Fourth Step: Signature of the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies.

Bring forms to the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Gary Macy, in Kenna 323H, for his signature.

Fifth Step: Distribution of the forms

Take signed Pre-Graduation Evaluation Form and Petition for Graduation Form to the Student Records Office in Walsh Administration Building. They will keep the top copy of both forms.

Should you have any questions,
e-mail or
Vicky at 554-4547

Drew H

SCCAP President Drew Hodun successfully balances a Physics and Religious Studies double major. He explains that the two majors are quite compatible and aid him in intellectually investigating the questions that each one brings. And he is able to excel in both without an overloaded schedule.

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